Tuesday, 26 July 2011

who's up for breakfast and a chick-flick?

Today was surely not a weekend, so we managed to get up early and had breakfast at Sayers in Leederville. We always love this cafe, even if the place is rather tiny the foods does compensate that issue. They have impressive breakfast options, the foods are beautifully presented and their coffees are delicious. Great breakfast is absolutely a perfect way to start our day (:

 (Grilled Chorizzo with scrambled eggs and wilted spinach served on a toasted ciabata) 
 (Full breakfast - Italian sausage, poached eggs, grilled tomato and mushroom, bacons, baked beans, a potato cake and toasted ciabata bread)
(BLACK PLASTIC, the store right next to Sayers, they sells some quirky stuff from books, toys, birthday cards; well any kind of cards basically. Perfect place if you are after a gift for someone.)
 (one of the card they have that caught our attention)
(Grey Jacket from a boutique in Sydney, ZARA brown ankle boots, black jegging from our label FRANKIEandKATE, brown leather bag from ALDO)
We have been such a movie rat these days, without regretting those hours of our lives wasted away; everyone deserves a lil bit of fun, don't they? Well, we had a few chuckles while watching Bad Teacher,  however overall the plot was quite flat; but still we are not giving this movie a lower score because we still got entertained (apologies when we drooled over Cameron Diaz's Louboutin). For those who have not watched this movie, leave this to DVD rental, you won't miss anything.

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  1. If I could cook like that, you better believe that I would be starting my day with the most gorgeous, gourmet breakfast around!

    The Internet Garbage


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