Friday, 29 July 2011

Jeggings are everywhere

Thanks God it is Friday and thanks God for whoever have invented jeggings because seriously, we were never a big fan of jeans in whatever material it is. It is just to hard to commit to wearing jeans in unbearably hot weather.  Why did not we pick out leggings then? ha, frankly speaking, it really bothers us to no end when girls just wear legging as pants without tunics or long top over it.  We are completely aware that jeggings was a real hit of 2010 but it is the style that will not die, it is really easy to wear and style differently depending on our mood.

One of our favourite jeggings is from our own collection. We have never thought of getting so many thumbs up on this product from our customers :) thank you all.
(Black Jeggings from our own collections. Also available in dark blue. Click HERE to take a peek)

Another our favourite jeggings to slip on is J-Brand Comet no 901O216. If you are comfortable enough to flaunt your legs then you can pick brighter colour. The length is perfect for any height for some reasons; just like a tailor-made. 
A: I love to match denim on denim, i promise it won't look ridiculous as long as you do it in a right way, like pairing this J-Brand jeggings with a denim top that is slightly lighter. 
(Dior sunglasses, Necklace from ASOS, Guess denim shirt, J-Brand jeggings, Shoes from Nine West)

J: For casual look i always go for 
singlets, doesn't matter whether it is plain or print, put on a nice pair of flats or boots then i am set for the day. 
On my lazy days, i swear on this Wildfox Couture jumper. It does create a slack and effortless look that i love.

(Jumper from Wildfox Couture & J-Brand Jeggings)

Dressing up with jeggings is not impossible, add a fitted black blazer to jazz it up or put on a loose cardigan to throw on a class. Don't forget to layer on accessories to make your style come through and oh, of course a pair of heels is necessary.
(Claude Maus Leather Jacket, Zara singlet, FRANKIEandKATE jegging, Chanel 2.55 bag, BStore shoes)

Lastly, we just want to share this song from Red Hot Chilli Peppers song. This has been stuck in our head for the past how many days and still can't get enough of it. Enjoy your weekend with The Adventures of Raindance Maggie .. xox

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

the muse: Kate Moss hitched by Jamie Hince

Who does not love Kate Moss? 'The Waif Look' model who can always pull off every look. Despite her addiction to drug and her controversial life, she sure does inspire us in her unique sense of style.

Kate Moss finally hitched by Jamie Hince, well, don't compare this wedding to the Royal gigantic wedding which happened early this year. Now, we are talking about this intimate and low key wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince. Finally, they made it official after getting together in late 2007. Yayy(:

I know it's hard to picture Kate Moss in a wedding dress but you did not think she was going to look silly, did you? of course not, she is a supermodel! Don't you just love her wedding dress designed by a close friend of hers, John Galliano? It was not an original bridal gown, surprise enough? but who cares, the vintage inspired dress plus the floor length veil embroidered with flowers and shoes by Manolo Blahniks has made her such an absolutely stunning bride. Talking about the groom who is the front man for The Kills, he donned a suit by Yves Saint Laurent, it certainly represents his personality. HOT and super fashionable!

(the bride was wearing a gorgeous floor-length speckled veil and her hair was set in a loose waves by Sam McKnight)
(the wedding bling)
(The gorgeous gang of girly bridesmaids. Each wore white dresses, ballerina pumps and floral head garland. Simple and sweet)

Congratulation to the happy couple 
Jamie & Kate

Picture taken from

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

who's up for breakfast and a chick-flick?

Today was surely not a weekend, so we managed to get up early and had breakfast at Sayers in Leederville. We always love this cafe, even if the place is rather tiny the foods does compensate that issue. They have impressive breakfast options, the foods are beautifully presented and their coffees are delicious. Great breakfast is absolutely a perfect way to start our day (:

 (Grilled Chorizzo with scrambled eggs and wilted spinach served on a toasted ciabata) 
 (Full breakfast - Italian sausage, poached eggs, grilled tomato and mushroom, bacons, baked beans, a potato cake and toasted ciabata bread)
(BLACK PLASTIC, the store right next to Sayers, they sells some quirky stuff from books, toys, birthday cards; well any kind of cards basically. Perfect place if you are after a gift for someone.)
 (one of the card they have that caught our attention)
(Grey Jacket from a boutique in Sydney, ZARA brown ankle boots, black jegging from our label FRANKIEandKATE, brown leather bag from ALDO)
We have been such a movie rat these days, without regretting those hours of our lives wasted away; everyone deserves a lil bit of fun, don't they? Well, we had a few chuckles while watching Bad Teacher,  however overall the plot was quite flat; but still we are not giving this movie a lower score because we still got entertained (apologies when we drooled over Cameron Diaz's Louboutin). For those who have not watched this movie, leave this to DVD rental, you won't miss anything.

Incredibly artwork

 (Shirt Dress worn as a top from FRANKIEandKATE, Shorts from Ksubi, Headband from SportsGirl and Ankle boots from Topshop)

Aside from the rain, winter today was not so bad. I was wearing my own label FRANKIEandKATE. It is actually a shirt dress but worn as a top. Also, just found my lost long hidden stash which is my headband from Sportsgirl :) and my favourite shorts from Ksubi. I could not help but notice this great artwork written all along the alley.. how creative people are nowadays! salute. J

(Silk with lace details shirt dress from Shakuhachi, Blck leather pants from ZARA, Mont Blanc watch, Chanel flats, Brown leather bag from ALDO and Ring from Lovisa)

 I was out today running some errands in the city with J, then I came across this small alley and its wall was written with chalks all over it. So, I decided to take a picture in the alley. What do y’all think? A

Monday, 25 July 2011

a classy winter

Girlfriends' dinner is such a remedy for us after today’s strange weather; the rain had not stopped all day.  We decided to stay home instead of going to the city before the dinner. Here's some pic of us getting ready before the dinner.
My current obsessions!! Liquid liner from MAKE UP FOREVER no 5 and 'blush' from URBAN DECAY. J
My makeup essentials are YSL Lip Plumping, Liquid eyeliner from Bobbi Brown and NARS blush and bronzer duo. A
(Top from FOREVER NEW, ZARA pants, Christian Louboutin Ankle Boots, ALDO brown leather bag, Accessories from Lovisa)

This top from FOREVER NEW is my absolute favourite purchase I've made recently during my travel around Australia. There are limited selections to choose from for tonight's outing as I have already packed up the majority of my clothes into my luggage. Hence I conjured this look by taking out my favourite leather pants and dressing it down with this brown bag from ALDO. Looks perfect for girls dinner out (: A xx
(Split sleeves dress from ASOS, Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring, Topshop Ankle boots)
The printed and split sleeves dress from ASOS is great even though it does not exactly scream winter. It can still be paired with black stockings and a pair of ankle boots. Maybe add on a fedora hat to give it a summer look. What do you think, beauts? J.
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