Wednesday, 27 July 2011

the muse: Kate Moss hitched by Jamie Hince

Who does not love Kate Moss? 'The Waif Look' model who can always pull off every look. Despite her addiction to drug and her controversial life, she sure does inspire us in her unique sense of style.

Kate Moss finally hitched by Jamie Hince, well, don't compare this wedding to the Royal gigantic wedding which happened early this year. Now, we are talking about this intimate and low key wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince. Finally, they made it official after getting together in late 2007. Yayy(:

I know it's hard to picture Kate Moss in a wedding dress but you did not think she was going to look silly, did you? of course not, she is a supermodel! Don't you just love her wedding dress designed by a close friend of hers, John Galliano? It was not an original bridal gown, surprise enough? but who cares, the vintage inspired dress plus the floor length veil embroidered with flowers and shoes by Manolo Blahniks has made her such an absolutely stunning bride. Talking about the groom who is the front man for The Kills, he donned a suit by Yves Saint Laurent, it certainly represents his personality. HOT and super fashionable!

(the bride was wearing a gorgeous floor-length speckled veil and her hair was set in a loose waves by Sam McKnight)
(the wedding bling)
(The gorgeous gang of girly bridesmaids. Each wore white dresses, ballerina pumps and floral head garland. Simple and sweet)

Congratulation to the happy couple 
Jamie & Kate

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  1. i love how loose structure of the gowns give a real fairy woodlands feel to the wedding ^___^ xx misstea & co.

  2. I just love everything that she wore ;)

  3. I love everything about her wedding... BUT i just wish she wore a nipple tape ;p

  4. LOL, that would probably become a new trend for all the brides-to-be :p


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