Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Incredibly artwork

 (Shirt Dress worn as a top from FRANKIEandKATE, Shorts from Ksubi, Headband from SportsGirl and Ankle boots from Topshop)

Aside from the rain, winter today was not so bad. I was wearing my own label FRANKIEandKATE. It is actually a shirt dress but worn as a top. Also, just found my lost long hidden stash which is my headband from Sportsgirl :) and my favourite shorts from Ksubi. I could not help but notice this great artwork written all along the alley.. how creative people are nowadays! salute. J

(Silk with lace details shirt dress from Shakuhachi, Blck leather pants from ZARA, Mont Blanc watch, Chanel flats, Brown leather bag from ALDO and Ring from Lovisa)

 I was out today running some errands in the city with J, then I came across this small alley and its wall was written with chalks all over it. So, I decided to take a picture in the alley. What do y’all think? A

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