Saturday, 6 August 2011

Birthday Luncheon

It was my birthday on the 29th of July. So, I've decided to take my friends out for a luncheon at Luna Negra. Too bad J was not in Jakarta so she couldn't join us :(.    A

(One of the drinks that my friend ordered is called Blueberry Potion)
(Luna Negra Pizza)
(Mushroom Risotto)
(Thinly sliced red tuna with apple vinegar sauce)
(Pine nuts salad)
(A side of shoestring fries - we always couldn't resist to NOT order this)
(The dessert)
Funny thing about the dessert that day was the cream tasted a bit off and sour whereas it supposed to be sweet. I called the waiter to complaint about it but then the waitperson told me it was supposed to taste like that because of the strawberry, which didn't even make any sense. So, my friends and i continue to ate it (bad mistake) until we felt that it didn't eatable anymore. So, we called another waitperson and ask for the dessert to be taken back to the kitchen for the chef to tasted it. Turns out we were right, the cream was off and they replaced us with another freshly made new dessert, it's the same but this time the cream definitely taste sweet. I felt like punching the first waitperson for making us ate a spoiled food, cos not long after it, one of my friends got a stomachache and went to the toilet -_-.   A

(the ladies)

(What I wore that day: Tees by T by Alexander Wang, Black Wide Leg Pants and Leather Bow Belt by Stella Rissa, Bag by Chanel)
I know this post somehow contradict with what J has posted previously by sharing her Bikram Yoga experience but then I spoiled it with the pictures of good foods I had during my birthday lunch. Haha my bad :P.    A.

Anyway, weekend is coming again (time flies!). Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I know I will, I'm gonna watch Transformers 3 with my dear boyfriend this Saturday, after 6 months of not being able to go to the movies due to the taxation thingy happening between the movie importer in Indonesia and Indonesian custom. Sigh!     A.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

feel the heat....feel the benefits

Hi girls, it's J here. I have been having love and hate relationship with Bikram Yoga for more than a year. Bikram Yoga is basically a series of 26 postures, 2 breathing exercise and the room is intentionally heated to 38 degrees. 

At my first class, i wondered if i could survive. I felt dizzy during the first half which is the standing postures. I had to lie down dealing with the heat and i had only been attempt half of the postures. But don't be scared after reading my first Bikram Yoga experience because here i am now.. still alive and feeling better than ever.  

Over the last 2 weeks, i have really embraced my morning yoga routine again ( three times a week), without fail. I must admit Bikram gives me an amazing feeling, and i found my self committing 'i am gonna practice Bikram Yoga regularly' :) 

Click HERE for more (this is where i normally practice Bikram at and you can read an amazing story on how the co-owners Adam and Jenny introduced Bikram Yoga to Perth community)
(26 uncomfortable-but-very-beneficial poses)
(my most essential equipments, Yoga mat, Lulu Lemons Tank, Stella McCartney pants, Spirulina Tablets and of course a bottle of water)

PS: This is not an ideal spot for  first, second, or third date because seriously, you will  look crap immediately after - flushed,  sweaty and stinks .. *jokes...i highly recommend you to smile during the practice:))*

Anyone else has Bikram Yoga experience? feel free to share with me and A here.. 


(try this Mango Smoothies from Gloria Jeans after, it is extremely refreshing)

we are obsessed.....

We can't stop thinking of these things we are currently obsessed with. They are just disturbingly beautiful...and delicious.

1. Brian Atwood Sofie Sandals. Get a perfect weekend outfit with these sweet sandals.
 Click HERE to take a peek

2. Seriously loving this Nancy Gonzales Passport Cover. Who does not love croc skin?

3. Printed Maxies is having its moment right now. We are thinking of pairing it with a slouchy sweater for autumn look or with plain singlet to get summer look.
Very affordable maxi skirt from Forever 21

4. We are such a huge fan of a true statement pieces, it is just the easiest way to add a little bit of drama to your ensembles. Absolutely beautiful.
click to purchase this Lucas Ring.

5. Morrocan Oil is my beauty-must. It will give you that silky texture and extreme shine, i have been using it for over a year now. If you have a frizzy hair, try this one and me know :)   - J -
Available at most beauty supply stores, costs about AUD $40

6. We have tried different type of lip balm and we swear by this from La Mer. It is quite pricey though, but when something is this good, it's worth it.
buy online now at

7. Gotta love this interesting shape sunglass from Elizabeth and James. I always adore these modern cat eye shape, it is really cool and flattering - A -
Elizabeth and James 'Lafayette' Sunglass

8. Don't be skeptical whether long line bra is comfortable or not because it is!! We both are really happy with this purchase. It looks amazing on. We also own a similar style from Marks and Spencer.
A gorgeous Long Line Bra by Pleasure State Atlantis Couture range

9.  OH MY GOD. Don't you just love these candy pop colours from Lime Crime? We almost couldn't resist the temptation to purchase all the colours but we gotta play safe. So, we only bought the COSMOPOP and COQUETTE colors. Click HERE for more.

10. This is Lita from Jeffrey Campbell, a shoe that has rocked many people. I have not bought this pair from yet but i really want to. One thing that has been really bothering me is because everyone seems to be wearing them. No doubt these will be gone like a flash so i gotta decide real quick. What do you think peeps?
Click HERE for more
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