Wednesday, 3 August 2011

feel the heat....feel the benefits

Hi girls, it's J here. I have been having love and hate relationship with Bikram Yoga for more than a year. Bikram Yoga is basically a series of 26 postures, 2 breathing exercise and the room is intentionally heated to 38 degrees. 

At my first class, i wondered if i could survive. I felt dizzy during the first half which is the standing postures. I had to lie down dealing with the heat and i had only been attempt half of the postures. But don't be scared after reading my first Bikram Yoga experience because here i am now.. still alive and feeling better than ever.  

Over the last 2 weeks, i have really embraced my morning yoga routine again ( three times a week), without fail. I must admit Bikram gives me an amazing feeling, and i found my self committing 'i am gonna practice Bikram Yoga regularly' :) 

Click HERE for more (this is where i normally practice Bikram at and you can read an amazing story on how the co-owners Adam and Jenny introduced Bikram Yoga to Perth community)
(26 uncomfortable-but-very-beneficial poses)
(my most essential equipments, Yoga mat, Lulu Lemons Tank, Stella McCartney pants, Spirulina Tablets and of course a bottle of water)

PS: This is not an ideal spot for  first, second, or third date because seriously, you will  look crap immediately after - flushed,  sweaty and stinks .. *jokes...i highly recommend you to smile during the practice:))*

Anyone else has Bikram Yoga experience? feel free to share with me and A here.. 


(try this Mango Smoothies from Gloria Jeans after, it is extremely refreshing)


  1. Bikram yoga sounds cool! wanna try it too x

  2. hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog. xx :)

  3. Bikram yoga's actually HOT - and it is THE TORTURE CHAMBER!!! In which, if you (and you WILL) survive through the 1st 90 minutes session you attend, you'll find yourself coming back for more. And you'll reap the benefits for the 90 years to come!!! It has helped so many people heal from injuries, including myself (and *just saying... David Beckham - in that note) and acquire more positive attitude facing this battlefield called life! ;-)


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